Papersmith Wants You to Feel Uncomfortable

Paper artist Mandy Smith, known as The Papersmith, has built a career sculpting innovative objects out of paper. Her sandpaper series is a humorous collection of objects that you would LEAST want to have made of sandpaper. 

Imagine reaching for a scratchy roll of toilet paper or sliding down a sandpaper playground slide.

Smith's tongue in cheek sculptures evoke strong reactions precisely because you can imagine how using some of these objects would feel. Imagination like this is what keeps Smith at the leading edge of paper sculpture.

While Mandy’s magic stems from one of mankind’s oldest materials, her expertise extends into film, animation, interactive installations and advertising.

These skills and her collaborative spirit have meant her Amsterdam studio has been fortunate enough to bring visions to life for brands and agencies such as Toyota, Coca Cola, Tommy Hilfiger, Google, Heineken, Wieden + Kennedy, 180, VICE and BBDO. 

See more of her work at: Papersmith