Crystallized Books

San Francisco-based artist Alexis Arnold turns discarded books into beautiful works of art. Inspired by the numerous boxes full of old books she repeatedly was coming across in her nighborhood, she wanted to preserve them The idea came to her when she started finding boxes of discarded books around her neighborhood. Her vision was to preserve the books in a way that gained them as much respect as the words on their pages. 

The process which is equally simple as it is unique starts with a mixture of water and detergent. After it's heated, Arnold dips the books into the solution and sculpts the books to her liking. The outcome is a glistening creation that gives these pieces of forgotten literature new life. 

Store Staff


Store Staff

Hello! Sorry I have a question, these pieces are very fragile or not?
I have pieces of art made with alum and bórax crystals ,but they are ephemeral pieces.
In this case is the same? Or are these crystals natural?
Thank you

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