Lithograph Alphabet

Charles Joseph Hullmandel major lithographic printer and publisher in London, was born to French parents, and trained as an artist. He printed these beautiful landscape scenes shaped as letters of the alphabet some time between 1818-1860.

Letter A: upper part composed of three figures around a fire at the edge of a slope to small pond, forming the lower part of the letter; outline by trees.

Letter B: a vista on level country, outlined by trees and branches and the edge of a rise with two figures as the bottom part of the letter.

Letter C: a castle on cliffs on the left; waves of the sea shaping the lower curve, clouds the upper one.

Letter D: a semi-circular landscape scence with mountains in right distance; a crag with trees shaping the left outline of the letter.

Letter E: a ruinous gate, the right part of its arch broken, a tree on the left stretching to the right and two men standing on the right pointing at the ruin.

Letter F: a tree trunk and two branches stretching to the right at the top and in the middle.

Letter G: a country road winding in a curve to the right with a horse-and-cart at its end, and sided on the left with trees, their branches shaping the upper curve of the letter.