10 Unique Pop-Up Libraries

Making time to read more is a great resolution and goal to make for the New Year, or any time at all. These libraries that seem to pop-up in the most unusual of places, make grabbing a new read an easy and fun experience.


1. Book Forest - The program, called Forest Books by BauFachFrau, is the first public book exchange kiosk in Berlin. 


2. “Weapon of Mass Instruction,” - A peaceful, mobile library to cart around free reading material in Argentina.


3. Biebus - This Dutch children's library is mobile and created from recycled shipping containers.


4. 24-Hour Phone Booth Library - After their weekly mobile library stopped dropping by the people of this small village in Somerset, England recycled this classic phone booth into what has now become one of the country’s smallest libraries.



5. Otets Paisiy Trolleybus Library - Named after one of Bulgaria's most famous authors. Created by Studio 8 ½, an artist platform founded by arch. Vladislav Kostadinov in 2010. The objective of the library is to try and encourage people to go inside and take some time to read.


6. NYC Phone Booth Library - Architect John Locke decided to do something about the many unused phone booths located all over NYC. He reinvented the space and created a new kind of public space, one focused on reading.


7. Mobile Beach Library in France - Created by artist Matali Crasset this library located in the South of France has some of the best views one could hope for.


8. Bus Station Library- This urban book stand in Bogota, Colombia is part of the Paradero Para Libros Para Parques (PPP) program, created to promote literacy across the country.


9. Salvaged Pop-Up Library - This modular library, located in Cologne, Germany is made of reclaimed materials and set on the edge of a park.


10. Floating Library - Architect Molly Reichert created this fun and mobile library as a way to bring people books while relaxing on Minnesota's many lakes over the summer.