A Beautiful Bookbinding Video

"About Siuyuett:

Stitches fastened, knots at spine. Needle and thread travel through paper piles. Siuyuett (Teresa Tsang) sees book-binding as a way to untangle the knots in her mind where memories and emotions intertwine. Soothing and warming the cloth case is to the hands as the process to the soul. She draws inspiration from everyday objects turning ordinary elements into binding materials and creates notebooks that are one of a kind. Others see great talents and creativity revealed by the graceful hands.

She extended her interest into a career as a full-time book-binding artist in 2009 and started conducting workshop sessions in the same year to share her passion and skills with those who also love the craft. She believes that everyone has an artist buried in the soul. One just needs to act upon the chance and let it run free."

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