Monday Inspiration From Paper Artwork

It's always a great time to get inspired by some beautiful paper art. This collection of Extraordinary Paper Art And Paper Sculptures was put together by Alexander Naz for Creative Can.



"Paper art started more than a thousand years ago in Japan. It is an area of design that involves everything from book carving, origami art to complicated paper cutting. Paper sculptures on the other hand are artworks that were made through the combination of different kinds of paper and require extreme precision. In contrast with Origami, sculptures made of paper are composed of several papers instead of one. In this form of art, the subject is the paper – anything else is merely tools.

When talking about paper art or sculpture, most people automatically think of sketching, painting or drawing. This is not entirely true though as there are talented and creative people who create unusual art from paper. This involves folding, carving and cutting. The material used ranges from entire books to ordinary paper. The intricate designs that have been created graced many exhibitions and museums all over the world, and have become another method of expression for many designers.

To let you see what these artists can do to an ordinary paper and to inspire you, I have collected some of the most amazing paper art and paper sculptures for your enjoyment. These creative minded people have brought paper art and sculpture to a higher level, so I urge you to browse on each item on my collection. I know how extraordinary these works of art are and I am sure you will truly be amazed. However, please do not forget to tell us your opinion by writing your comments below. Please share this post with your friends if you find it useful and amazing."


Jen Stark



Peter Callesen

Large scale papercuts ruin


Helen Musselwhite

UK Advertising Campaign for Caramel Nibbles


Jeremy Kool 

Paper Fox


Richard Sweeney

Icosahedron II



Origami Cute Kitten


Jeff Nishinaka

Brooklyn Bridge 


Wataru Itou

A Paper Craft Castle On the Ocean


Yulia Brodskaya

Go White


Emma van Leest 



Elsa Mora

The Wound. Paper cut.


Nakamura Hirakionore (Haruki Nakamura)

Wreath of Snow


Su Blackwell

The Snow Goose


(Via Creative Can)