A Designer's Dream: A Golden Ratio Coloring Book

Rafael Araujo is an architect and illustrator from Venezuela and for over 40 years he's been creating unbelievable artwork with inspiration from Phi and the Golden Ratio. He uses a pencil, compass, ruler and protractor to create his hand-drawn illustrations of nature. 

His illustrations capture the perfect rendering of the golden ratio and the mathematical brilliance of nature with just a pencil, compass, ruler and protractor. 

His latest project is a collaboration with Syney-based Melinda and Andres Restrepo who have produced a Golden Ratio coloring book that features Araujo’s work, including his signature style of leaving his construction lines intact to highlight the geometric formulas and natural mathematical framework. 

From the hypnotic whorls of the chambered nautilus shell to the balanced proportions of butterfly wings, the coloring book highlights the perfect mathematics in the natural world around us. Its soft cover opens flat with detachable pages so that your masterpieces can be cleanly removed.

Watch the video below, or visit their Kickstarter campaign here to find out more: 

(Via DesignTaxi and Kickstarter