Are You in NYC This Weekend? Then You Should Check This Out!

If you're in New York City you should make your way to Pier 36 for the Art on Paper art fair! Running through the weekend, this art fair features an amazing display of drawings, paintings, and sculptures all done with paper.


Javier Calleja, No Art Here, 2015
Courtesy of the artist and Castor Gallery


"Art on Paper returns to Manhattan's Lower East Side in March 2016, building on the success of the fair's inaugural 2015 edition. The first Art on Paper New York welcomed 20,000 visitors to Pier 36 over the fair's four buzzing days. Participating galleries saw strong sales to important collections as the public urgently engaged with the curated exhibitions. The fair's medium-driven focus lent itself to significant projects - unique moments that set Art on Paper apart and established a new and important destination for the arts in New York City. Working in concert with Beneficiary Partner Brooklyn Museum, Creative Director Sasha Wolf, and sponsor The Wall Street Journal, Art on Paper's second edition will feature special projects that push the boundaries of its celebrated medium."


Detail of: Wayne White, FOE, 2014
Cardboard and mixed media, 15 feet x 8 feet, Courtesy of the artist and Joshua Liner Gallery


Sarah Bridgland, Construction 15, 2015
Conservation board, balsa wood, paint, oil pastel, pencil, 18 1/4 x 16 1/4 x 1/2 inches, Courtesy of the artist and Nancy Hoffman Gallery


Meg Hitchcock, Mundaka Upanishad, 2013
Letters cut from the Koran, 28 x 22 ¼ inches, Courtesy of the artist and RandallScottProjects


Li Hongbo, Rainbow, 2015
paper, dimensions variable, Courtesy of the artist and Klein Sun Gallery


Bill Richards, Hanging Leaves, Woven Branches, 2015
graphite on paper, 11 1/2 x 13 1/2 inches, Courtesy of the artist and Nancy Hoffman Gallery


Art on Paper is produced by Art Market Productions:

"Art Market Productions is a partnership between Jeffrey Wainhause, Max Fishko and the dealers they work with. Since 2011 Art Market Productions has produced a different type of art fair that focuses on creating the highest quality fair experience by connecting collectors with dealers in the most optimal settings and contexts. Art Market Productions is dedicated to improving the art world by creating platforms and expanding networks of connection.

Art Market Productions currently produces six art fairs: Art on Paper NY, Art Market San Francisco, Art Market Hamptons, Seattle Art Fair, Texas Contemporary, and Miami Project."