Yamamoto Paper Tasting Notepad Set - Egg Shell

$ 10.95
SKU: YM-4562310263316

Set of 3 Notepads

These delightful paper sets from Yamamoto allow you to enjoy a flight of writing papers the same way you might enjoy a flight of fine wines and spirits. Each paper tasting set includes 3 notepads that share similar qualities, but each has its own distinct personality. Comprehensive and informative descriptions are included for each paper in both English and Japanese.

Use the following symbols to determine which writing instrument is compatible with each paper:

  • 〇: Compatible
  • ▲: Between 〇 and X
  • X: Not compatible

Each notepad is glue-bound at the top and contains 25 pages. This set includes the following papers in the following sizes:

  • B7 (3.5” × 4.9”) Monte Lukia: A “Kasadaka with micro coating" book paper. This is a unique bulking technology that produces well-textured coated paper that achieves low base weight yet high paper thickness.
  • A6 (4.1” x 5.8”) B7 Natural: A "Kasadaka with micro coating" book paper. It's said that the name “B7" was inspired by the chord sound "B7". Not to be confused with the paper size.
  • B6 (4.9” × 6.9”) New Chiffon Cream: Cream colored book paper that is thick, light, and soft. Given that it is PH neutral, it does not discolor over time and has great archivability. It is great for writing, especially with ballpoints and fountain pens.