Yamamoto Memoterior Paper Collection - Treasure Chest

$ 10.00

Explore the Papers of Japan

Yamamoto's "memoterior" series of papers explores the range and variety of papers that exist for writing and crafts. Each pad focuses on a theme. The Treasure Chest collection features METALLIC papers. A variety of textures and shades are bound together in a pad to give you full range of creative expression.

  • 50 sheets per pad (5 papers, 10 sheets each)
  • B7 size measures 3.6" x 5.0" x  0.5" | 91mm × 128mm × 8mm 
  • Bound along one edge for easy tear-off

Papers include

  • Star Dream-FS (Gold)
  • Star Dream-FS (Copper)
  • Star Dream-FS (Silver)
  • Star Dream-FS ( Quartz)
  • Star Dream-FS (Titanium)

The colors are compatible with gold, silver, white and pearl ink pens, and the blank space is a beautiful space to create a wonderful handwritten message card.