Yamakano Washi Paper Collection

$ 30.00

Handmade Japanese Paper Sampler

A set of calligraphy paper (4 types) that mimics the packaging of Hanshi Hitoshime in miniature size. Please use it as a memo pad, mini one-stroke paper, paper, drafts of calligraphy works, etc.

Package includes

100 sheets: Jikon Kinari
Uses: Memo paper, mini one-stroke paper. Paper that is compatible with ink and does not bleed even with writing instruments such as fountain pens and water-based pens.

100 sheets: first snow
Uses: drafts of calligraphy works, mini kaishi. Standard calligraphy paper for practice. It is characterized by its beautiful whiteness, like the first snow on Mt. Fuji.

100 sheets: ginkgo
Uses: Calligraphy work rough draft, mini kaishi. Calligraphy paper of natural color using unbleached hemp material.

100 sheets: Fujikawa
Application: One-stroke paper, thick and strong drawing paper using sketch hemp. The large size is used as calligraphy performance paper.

  • 400 sheets Japanese paper
  • Sheets measure 4.5" x 3.25" | 82 x 113 mm
  • Tied in a bundle with a traditional label
  • Made in Japan