Uni-Ball R E Erasable Pen Set of 3

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The Uni R:E+ (known as the “R E Plus”) isn’t one pen, it’s actually three pens and a holder. It’s a cool concept that is fitting for Uniball’s highly designed RE family of erasable pens. The set of pens was first released in June 2019.

The pen set comes with a plastic case and has one black erasable pen (the color is closer to grey), one red erasable pen (closer to light red), and one black Jetstream pen that is not erasable. The R:E+ case includes a metal click with an adhesive backing.

Despite their size and small size, the pens are actually refillable with normal Uni SXR refills. The erasable refills use thermo-sensitive ink that can be erased simply with friction from the back of the pen, which is not actually an eraser but rather just plastic.

The R:E+ case is a lightweight plastic shell with no features aside from a button on it. When this button is pressed the payload of three pens pops out of the case. They only extend about an inch, at which point they are still firm in the case but can be pulled out with a slight tug. This mechanism works quite well as it prevents the pens from being accidentally released from the case if they happen to be in a bag or clipped to a binder, notebook, etc.