Travelers Notebook 2024 Customized Sticker Set

$ 14.00

Stickers to Customize your TRAVELER'S Notebook

This is a sticker set for customizing your TRAVELER'S notebook that makes it more fun, including index and pocket stickers, icon stickers to represent different plans, dry transfer, and stickers to decorate the cover. The 2024 version features a design with the theme of “TRAVELER'S TOWN”. Spend the year 2024 feeling like you are traveling through a TRAVELER'S TOWN that warmly welcomes all travelers.

  • 6 sticker sheets: theme stickers, dry transfer stickers, index tabs, clear pocket stickers, schedule stickers, and clear round stickers
  • Each sticker sheet measures 8.26" x 4.33" | 210 mm x 110 mm
  • "Traveler's Town" Theme
  • Made of PET and paper
  • Made in Japan

Choose your Traveler's Notebook here, then mix and match inserts to design your perfect journal for writing and organization.