Tortilla Wrapping Paper Notepad

$ 29.00

A duo of recycled paper notepads made with the most unexpected of materials - tortilla wrapping paper! Doodle, bead, sketch, and wrap small objects.

Originally used to wrap tortillas, this paper over time has become a multipurpose material throughout Mexico. In addition to wrapping tortillas and other objects, accounts are made, orders are taken, messages are left or scribbled. It is a kind of historical archive of the businesses and families that use it. With this pad we celebrate the tortilla, its cultural and gastronomic heritage and the informal record of the daily life of the community.

  • Set of 2 pads
  • A4 size measures 8.25" x 11.75" | 210 x 298 mm
  • Each pad has 50 detachable sheets
  • Printed with a very faint dot grid
  • Unbleached 60 gsm tortilla wrapping paper
  • Staple bound along the top edge, with a linen header wraparound
  • Made in Mexico