Saul Leiter Hobonichi Folder Set for A6

$ 6.00
SKU: HB-TAT22024

This set of 3 folders fits perfectly into the pockets of A6 size Hobonichi Techo covers. The folders can store receipts, clippings, and other items to help organize your desk, or carry tickets and other items you want to keep portable and accessible.​

​With these folders, you can feel as if you're collecting photos by American photographer and painter Saul Leiter (1923-2013).​

​The first folder matches the front of the techo cover and features Footprints, c. 1950 with a beautiful contrast of white, black and red. The second uses Horn & Hardart, c. 1959, a photo showing the view from the window of a shop named Horn & Hardart on a rainy day. The third piece features Sidewalk, 1950s, a piece that captures the shadows of people walking from a window that has fogged up because of the rain. Each piece takes you to a different world by simply gazing at them, and allows your imagination ​to ​roam free.​

​The back of all three folders are a plain gray with the name of each piece printed on the bottom.​

  • Set of 3 folders
  • Each measures 105 x 148 mm​ | 4.1" x 5.8"
  • Polypropylene

​Enjoy the views of New York Saul Leiter has framed by having these folders by your side with your techo.​

​(c)​ ​Saul Leiter Foundation​