Anniversary Edition Sakura Pigma Micron All Black Set of 10

$ 36.00
SKU: PC-50100-BC

In honor of their 100th anniversary Sakura has made this limited edition set of 10 Micron pens.

These Black and Gold Micron pens are sized from 003 to 12, plus a PN pen. 

The sizes are 003, 005, 01, 02, 03,05, 08, 10, 12, PN. 

  • Set of Special 100th Anniversary Edition Pigma Microns from Sakura, Japan
  • Royal finish in black barrel with gold cap
  • Achieved universal appeal and is carried by technical professionals, artists and crafters
  • No smears /feathering, or bleed-through on most papers Ideal for use in archival applications.
  • Chemically stable, waterproof, and fade resistant, multi-purpose pen with the unique, long lasting archival Pigma ink