Opara Stone Paper Journal

$ 24.00

What makes FOLKUS journals so special? Everything!

From the cool covers to the stone paper pages, these journals are unlike anything you have seen. Literally everything you write, draw or scribble will be written in stone when you use a FOLKUS journal.

  • Liquid, Rip, Grease, Bacteria Resistant Stone Paper
  • Vegan Leather Hardcover
  • A5 Size: 5.7" x 8.25" | 145 mm x 210 mm
  • 96 BLANK Pages
  • Interior Document Pocket
  • Satin Bookmark Ribbon
  • Elastic Closure Band
  • Built-in Pen Holder


FOLKUS humanizes sustainability by leveraging the practical approaches, inventiveness, and design aesthetic of Black folks. FOLKUS aims to create a sustainable future by amplifying Black folk and stories advancing environmental stewardship and equitable economic and social pathways. FOLKUS signature product is multipurpose stone paper gift wrap and stationery. FOLKUS stone paper is tree/water/bleach free and is liquid/grease/tear/bacteria resistant.

FOLKUS represents the lived experience and contributions of Black folks across an array of domains. No trees, water, bleach, harmful inks or acids are used in the manufacturing process of FOLKUS stone papers, which means no deforestation, no polluted waterways and instead reduced CO2 emissions and the usage of a sustainable material calcium carbonate. FOLKUS makes environmental stewardship easy, chic and functional.