Nuuna Yellow Jim Notebook

$ 34.00
SKU: NU-55799

Notebook Details

This sunny yellow Brain Foodie is your everyday motivation, a loyal companion and charming prankster all in one. The little monster is always hungry for your ideas and makes you smile even when hitting creative blocks or hairy deadlines. He celebrates good ideas with a happy look from his round eyes, and when necessary, he can gladly eat up lazy thoughts also. Go on, get out that pen and feed him!

  • Medium 135 mm x 200 mm | 176 pages
  • White 120 g Munken paper with dot grid printed in light grey ink
  • Thread sewn binding allows book to lay open
  • Smooth recycled leather cover
  • Cover design is screen printed, including the page edges
  • Archival, acid free paper produced with ECF pulp, FSC certified
  • Made in Germany