Moleskine Voyageur Notebook

$ 22.95
SKU: MO-8058647620374

Capture and document the journey of a lifetime so you can revisit the places, people and perceptions you experienced on the road. Structured sections make space for trip planning before you leave, while blank pages invite you to record daily travel notes, reflections and reactions on the go. Explore, observe, remember, share.

This is it. You’ve picked your destination and are ready to start mapping out your once-in-a-lifetime journey. This Voyageur Notebook is a rock-solid travelling companion that will hold your hand through turbulent flights, sweltering bus rides and stunning sunsets.

Use it to plan, budget and then capture every moment and sensation as you experience it, building a scrapbook journal of keepsakes, photos, sketches and notes. 

Satisfy your wanderlust, have adventures, connect with people and explore new places. Then fill the pages until each one becomes a ticket to a unique memory from this incredible journey.

  • clothbound hard cover, rounded corners, elastic closure
  • 3 ribbon bookmarks
  • expandable inner pocket in cardboard and
  • coloured front endpaper with ‘in case of loss’ notice
  • ivory-coloured 70 g/m² acid-free paper
  • intro pages with essential travellers' info
  • travel-planning section to plan each day in detail
  • budget pages to note down expenses
  • journaling section to record memories from each day
  • numbered pages
  • detachable packing lists
  • detachable to-do lists
  • contents list
  • stickers to customize your journal
  • 208 pages
  • 1 sheet of themed stickers

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