Midori Paper Mesh Pencil Case

$ 19.00
SKU: JP-4902805417730

Handy pencil case made of woven paper cord. 

Lightweight, water-resistant and wear-resistant “paper cord” pen case. Durable material used in high-end chairs. Because it is 21cm longer than an ordinary pen case, longer writing instruments such as unsharpened pencils fit nicely.

  • Measures  55mm × 210mm
  • Sturdy zipper closure
  • The body is made of paper. Although it is extremely water-resistant, be careful not to store it for a long time when it is wet. 
  • If it gets wet, dry it thoroughly. There is a risk of mold and stains. 
  • Due to the nature of paper, there is a risk of discoloration when exposed to direct sunlight.