Midori Letter Set Collage - Stationery Pattern

$ 8.00

Explore Midori Letter Set Collage - Stationery Pattern

The Midori Letter Set Collage is a beautiful set of stationery designed to add a touch of elegance to your written correspondence. The set includes 9 sheets of writing paper, 3 envelopes, and 1 stationery pattern sticker collage. 

The writing paper of the Midori Letter Set Collage 923 is crafted with a superior-grade, polished paper which is ideal for scribbling with multiple writing implements and inks. The envelopes boast an exquisite, classical aesthetic that is certain to impress.

The stationery pattern stickers are a great addition to this set, allowing you to add a personal touch to your letters and notes. 

  • Sage Color
  • Stationery - 9 sheets
  • Envelope - 3 sheets
  • Sticker (foil stamping) - 1 sheet
  • Paper size 140 × 100 mm
  • Envelope size 150 × 110 mm
  • Made in Japan