Lovepop 3D Greeting Card - Giraffes

$ 10.00
SKU: LP-1679

The cover of this gold new baby card features an intricate laser cut illustration of a giraffe. The detailed patterns on its long neck draw the recipient in with a sweet surprise inside the card.

Open this giraffes card to a lovely scene of a giraffe family. Mama giraffe snuggles with her little baby while papa giraffe stands tall and gracefully with his family.

Inspiration for the Giraffes Pop-Up New Baby Card: 
These magnificent animals needed a card that would recognize their grace and poise. But more awe-inspiring is seeing giraffes as a family. Have you ever seen anything more lovely?

Occasions for the 3D Pop-Up Giraffes New Baby Card:
This is a lovely card to gift to new moms. Congratulate a new or expecting mom with this giraffe family card. Make a surprising baby announcement or send out baby shower invitations with this card. 

This beautiful giraffe family pop-up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.  


One Lovepop pop-up card with one blank envelope.