Lovepop 3D Greeting Card - Star Wars Death Star Showdown

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Han Solo™ and Chewbacca™ stand ready to strike on the charcoal black front of this Death Star Showdown card. Inside, the iconic duo spring to life in stunning 3D as they combat a blaster rifle-armed Stormtrooper™ squad while aboard the Death Star in A New Hope. With vivid laser-cut details and illustrative background, the Death Star Showdown recreates one of the series’ most memorable scenes.

Our designer Dalex was SO excited to recreate this iconic showdown scene. “I've loved Star Wars™ since I was a little kid, and the opportunity to make Han and Chewbacca was amazing,” he said. This exclusive design features two V-folds in one card and was painstakingly designed to pay a proper homage to these two film icons. Dalex adds, “Trying to work in every little detail I could think of was a great challenge.”

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