Leuchtturm Drehgriffel No. 1 Gel Ink Pen

$ 27.50

The Drehgriffel No. 1 Now with Gel Ink 

The Drehgriffel No. 1 pen now comes with a Japanese 0.5mm gel pen refill.

Gel ink has a higher viscosity than standard ballpoint pen ink. An advantage that ensures easy and flowing handwriting. With a line width of only 0.5mm, the Japanese gel pen refill creates particularly fine writing with a clear outline. Even with a fine stroke, the ink flows very evenly via the pen tip onto the paper.

The pen body is made from precision-milled aluminium and brass in a hexagonal shape and a knurled twist at the end that accents the bright enamel colors. This pen feels great in your hand!

Pen Details

  • Length: 13 cm | 5.11"
  • Retractable with a twist on the end
  • With refillable fine point gel ink
  • 0.5mm black ink
  • Document proof ISO 15727-2
  • Black Gel Ink refills available. Click here to order.