Kleid 2 mm Grid Noble Notes B6 Notebook

$ 17.00
SKU: JP-4985849085790

"LIFE" and "kleid" combine the two brands' iconic features in this collaboration series. Life's signature noble notes are specially made-to-order for kleid. Features a special 2mm grid on LIFE's special "L Writing Paper". Cover printed with a vintage-inspired logo.

The three main concepts of the "Noble Notebook series" are 1) a notebook for a fountain pen, 2) exceptional binding, and 3) a modern design. It is truly dedicated for those who simply love to write. Each notebook is firmly bound by the hands of skilled artisans in downtown, Tokyo.

L Writing Paper is specially ordered by LIFE's all the way from the manufacturing process. The fine writing paper prevents ink bleed through. The paper will also preserve your writing for many years.

  • B6 size measures 182 mm x 128 mm
  • 100 sheets
  • White and Navy have bright white paper
  • Black and Olive have cream paper
  • 2 mm grid
  • Made in Japan