Kaweco SPORT Black Crystal Fountain Pen

$ 70.00

Limited Edition: Only 1,000 Produced

The Kaweco Sport special edition Black Crystal Fountain Pen features a transparent barrel with black trimmings. The special black nib has a "DLC" coating. The "Diamond Like Coating" is extremely durable and can stand up to the stress of everyday use of a fountain pen. The package is a black tin with a special black sleeve over the tin, and includes a black pen clip, a box of 6 black ink cartridges, and a mini piston ink converter.

The beauty of the Kaweco Sport pen is the way it closes to be a compact palm-size, and when the cap is removed and posted on the end, it expands to a full size fountain pen. In a pocket or purse, this sturdy writing instrument can go everywhere with you. And it feels great to write with.

The body is made of durable lightweight ABS plastic, with black accents.

Fountain Pen

  • Cap screws on securely, posts on end when writing for full-length comfort
  • Capped length: 4.13"
  • Posted length: 5.12"
  • Black coated steel nib in Fine or Medium width
  • Includes one box of 6 black ink cartridge
  • Order more ink cartridges for this pen here: Kaweco Ink Cartridges
  • Fittings in polished chrome.

Kaweco pens are crafted with care in Nuremberg, Germany. The company was founded in 1883 and embodies the values of sustainability, diversity, and quality. Kaweco is proud to produce a product that offers great value.