Kaweco DIA 2 Black Acrylic Fountain Pen

$ 100.00
SKU: KO-1000557

The classic german design of the Kaweco DIA pen date back to 1921

The Dia 2 Fountain Pen features decorative elements and proportions first crafted in the golden 20s. This treasure has been preserved to this day in great detail.

The high quality plastic body is trimmed in chrome or gold plated. The nib is steel, and gold plated on the gold version. The shiny black body is curvy and elegant. This pen is lightweight and fun to write with.

  • Fill with universal ink cartridges or converter
  • Choose fine, medium, or wide nib in stainless steel
  • Choose chrome or gold plated fittings
  • Length open 15.9 cm
  • Length closed 13.2 cm
  • Weight 32 g