J Herbin 1670 Edition Ink 50 ML

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The  J Herbin 1670 Collection of inks celebrates the rich life and adventures of the enterprising French sailor of the mid 17th century. While he was in the employ of the Compagnie des Indes Orientales, he made a number of voyages to India, collecting ingredients and formulas for his sealing wax and inks.

These unique hues celebrate his discoveries.

  • Caroube de Chypre is a dark brown ink with light red reflections and sparkling gold effect.
  • Emeraude de Chivor is an elegant emerald green ink with flecks of gold.
  • Stormy Grey is a deep coal grey (anthracite) with flecks of gold.
  • Ocean Blue is a deep blue ink with a golden sheen.
  • Rouge Hematite is a deep red color with an earthy tone.