I Know This To Be True: Nelson Mandela

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I Know This To Be True is a collection of extraordinary figures from diverse backgrounds answering the same questions, as well as sharing their compelling stories, guiding ideals, and insightful wisdom.

Nelson Mandela

Incarcerated for more than twenty-seven years, Nelson Mandela's enduring faith and rise to leadership remain an inspiration to all. With stories from his closest colleagues paired with his own words, this book explores the many challenges Mandela faced and the guiding principles that enabled him to lead a country away from violence to peace and democracy.

Anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela devoted his life to ensuring liberation, equality, and justice for the people of South Africa. A moving and prescient reminder of the power of persistence, conviction, and forgiveness

The landmark book series brims with messages of leadership, courage, compassion, and hope.

  • Inspired by Nelson Mandela's legacy and created in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, I Know This to Be True is a global series of books created to spark a new generation of leaders.
  • Royalties from sales of the series support the free distribution of material from the series to the world's developing economy countries
  • A highly giftable and lovely book with vivid photographic portraits throughout
  • Measures 4.75" x 7.5" | 93 pages
  • Hardcover with dustjacket