Hobonichi Pencil Board for Weeks - Keiko Shibata Wind Gust During A Stay Command

$ 8.00

Pencil Board for Weeks

COMFORTABLE WRITING EXPERIENCE - The pencil board is specially designed for the size of the Hobonichi Weeks Book. Keeping it underneath the page, and will prevent your pen from sliding on the paper, and not leave indentations on the opposite page. The Pencil Board is one of the most popular items among the Hobonichi accessories.

“TODAY" TAB FOR USE AS A BOOKMARK - The “Today” tab on the corner conveniently marks the current page if you’d like to use it as a bookmark as well. Inserting the Pencil Board between the pages allows you to quickly prepare for writing as soon as you open your techo book.

USE AS A METRIC RULER - The back edge of the pencil board is marked with millimeter-scale measurements, making it convenient for gauging the approximate length of objects around you.

COLLABORATION with KEIKO SHIBATA - This pencil board was created in collaboration with the popular picture book artist, Keiko Shibata. The design titled "Wind Gust During a Stay Command," depicts a strong wind ruffling the ears and whiskers of a beagle dog as it is trying to sit still as being told to “Stay.” It is touching to see how patiently it waits, even in such a situation. The back of the pencil board is orange.

SPECIALLY FITTED FOR THE HOBONICHI WEEKS BOOK / Size H: 187 x W: 88 x T: 0.4 mm / H: 7.4" x W: 3.5 " x T: 0.0" inch Weight Approx. 12 g Material Synthetic paper (Yupo)