Hobonichi Mokku Weeks Case Neon Orange x Neon Pink

$ 18.40 $ 23.00
SKU: HB-TTC21405

The Mokku is a fun way to carry around your Hobonichi Weeks planner

This case can hold the weekly Hobonichi Techo book Weeks or Weeks Mega. The name Mokku is a play on the Japanese word for “carrying around.”

The Mokku case is roomier than you might guess. In addition to your Weeks or Weeks Mega book, the case can hold pens and other accessories that you want to keep alongside your techo. It’s thin and light, making it good for organizing small or thin objects within your handbag. You can store a pen by its hook on the outside of the case, making it easy to access when taking quick notes.

The front of the case has a clear pocket that is great for storing stationery you use with your techo such as stickers and sticky notes, or for displaying a favorite postcard. You can even insert the phone and use the touch screen from outside the pocket.

The adjustable shoulder strap allows you to change the length and use it as a cross-body bag or hang from your shoulder. There’s also a versatile mesh pocket on the back for storing the shoulder strap when not in use, holding items you want to quickly access, or keep items out of view. The case closes with an easy-to-use zipper and the button features Hobonichi’s cute monkey mascot.

  • Measures 135 mm x 218 mm | 5.3" x 8.6"
  • Nylon, PVC, Polyester
  • Snap closure on one side, velcro on the other
  • Adjustable strap
  • Made in Japan