Hobonichi Cover on Cover - Cousin A5 - Yuka Hiiragi Light In The Distance

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The Hobonichi Cover on Cover is an optional, extra covering that fits the A5 size Hobonichi Techo covers to protect them from wear and tear.

Light in the Distance was designed by Yuka Hiiragi, whose wide range of work involves illustrations and writing, and isn’t confined within a specific genre.

The theme of this design is seasonal constellations. Illustrated in gentle, calm colors are various constellations, including Lepus (the hare) in the winter, Ursa Minor (the bear cub, also known as the Little Dipper) in the spring, Cygnus (the swan) in the summer, and Pegasus in the fall. Having a theme with the moon, stars, and sun printed in elegantly shiny copper ink gives this design a nice, mature feel.

In order to preserve the design of this illustrated Cover on Cover, there is no opening located in the back to access the back pocket of the cover.

  • Measures 347 mm x 248 mm | 13.7” x 9.4” when open
  • Fits the A5 cousin Techo cover snugly
  • Soft PVC
  • Not meant for use directly on the book

The Cover on Cover is a very popular add-on that many customers purchase in addition to their Hobonichi Techo for the full experience.