Hobonichi Celebratory / Nice Day Rubber Stamps

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SKU: HT-4580541448128

Hobonichi created these original stamps that will make you happy by just stamping it on your techo.

Hobonichi Celebratory Stamp (Party Ball) is designed to fit perfectly into the monthly calendar squares of the Hobonichi Techo Planner, Original, and Weeks and Day-Free (of course, it also fits into the Cousin monthly calendar squares with room to spare). Under the character that means “celebration,” you can write down your own words and will decorate any special day.

Hobonichi’s Nice Day Stamps (Celebration, Day Off, Good Job) come as a set of three small-sized stamps that you’d want to use on those nice days.

The stamps can be used in the monthly calendar pages, and on the memo pages and the 5-Year Techo’s daily pages too. Stamp them on days that made you especially happy.