Higonokami Folding Knife

$ 57.00

This higonokami folding pocket knife is an all-purpose knife that can be used for a variety of purposes including notching wood, whittling, carving, and general cutting.

The blade is made from quality Japanese steel made using the warikomi technique, the process of inserting a solid piece of steel into soft iron and forging it into one piece of material, ensuring long-lasting sharpness and sturdy construction.

This higonokami knife is known for its lever or chikiri that can be used to open the knife safely and holds the blade in place during use.

  • Blade material: Blue Paper Steel (Aogami)
  • Handle material: Brass
  • Mini length: 2.125"
  • Large length: 3.75"
  • X Large length: 4.75"
  • Made in Japan