Embossed Greeting Card - Goldfish

$ 6.00
SKU: YZ-351207

Not just for formal occasions but also for everyday life, there is a moment to make something a little special. Paper company Yamazakura would like you to use their Cashico Cards for such occasions. Each foil press motif is connected to a specific good fortune for all ages and in all lands, wishing both the give and the receiver good fortune. 

  • Includes one foil embossed flat note with foil embossed envelope
  • Small Square measures 3" x 3"
  • Large Rectangle measures 3.9" x 7"
  • Virgin pulp paper with black and white foil
  • Made in Japan 

Goldfish: In Japan, it is believed that the goldfish brings good fortune. The Telescope Goldfish is particularly special as it has both black and red coloring, red bringing good fortune and black resisting evil spirits.