Cats on Instagram 2021 Wall Calendar

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SKU: CH-9781452184401
Cat lovers, rejoice! One of your favorite Instagram accounts, now in calendar form!

This irresistible calendar compiles cat photos from the hugely popular Instagram profile @cats_of_instagram. Showcasing all the lovable attitude and personality we've come to expect from the wide world of quirky kitties, this calendar is purrfect for any cat lover's wall.

• With a grid of four adorable and hilarious cat photos per month, this calendar celebrates the wide world of cats.
• A crowdsourced collection: all photos came from different contributors for a diverse and playful mix. See if your favorite kitty made the cut!
• 12 x 12 inches; the perfect size for easy hanging on any wall or over your desk
• Includes September–December 2019 at a glance
• Full-color photographs throughout
• Printed on FSC-certified paper

With over 10 million followers, @cats_of_instagram is the go-to internet destination for cat lovers. The @cats_of_instagram account was created in 2011 by Eli Omidi, a college grad and self-proclaimed cat lover. He now co-runs the site with Kady Lone, freelance graphic designer and mother of the internet-famous cat Pudge. @cats_of_instagram features original, accredited cat photos that are selected daily from the #catsofinstagram hashtag. It also provides giveaways, news on famous cats, and covers special events such as Cat Cons, adoption weekends, and art shows.