Calligraphy Practice Cards

$ 26.00
SKU: EX-B194

Introduction to Calligraphy Lettering by Brause will expand your italic writing skills by teaching nine classic lettering styles. Each set includes twelve 10 by 13 inch practice cards with each style that can be traced onto paper with a calligraphy pen. With enough practice you will be creating your own cards, stationary, invitations and more! Styles include: Carolingian Script, Modern San Serif, Gothic, Gothic Black Letter, Gothic Fraktur, Chancery Cursive, Italic Script, Roman Alphabet and Uncial.

  • An introduction to calligraphy lettering
  • Features nine classic lettering styles
  • Styles displayed on 10" x 13" practice cards
  • Great learning tool for beginners
  • Includes 12 cards