023 Film Pocket Stickers TRAVELER'S Notebook - Regular Size

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Designed to fit your REGULAR size Traveler's Notebook Cover, the 023 Film Pocket Stickers are the perfect way to expand your basic Traveler's Notebook into a little photo album. 

Thin plastic pockets have a self adhesive backing that can be attached to the pages of your notebook to tuck in photos and souvenirs of your journey.

Traveler's Notebooks are an indispensable travel companion, and the 023 Film Pocket Stickers will help you keep and record all the little details of your journey.

  • REGULAR size Each pocket measures 4.25" x 2.5"
  • One pack contains 6 sheets with 3 stickers on each (18 total)
  • Made of PET plastic
  • Made in Japan
Choose your Traveler's Notebook here, then mix and match inserts to design your perfect journal for writing and organization.