Yamamoto Paper Tasting Notepad Set - Translucent

$ 10.95

Set of 3 Pads

These delightful paper sets from Yamamoto allow you to enjoy a flight of writing papers the same way you might enjoy a flight of fine wines and spirits. Each paper tasting set includes 3 notepads that share similar qualities, but each has its own distinct personality. Comprehensive and informative descriptions are included for each paper in both English and Japanese.

Use the following symbols to determine which writing instrument is compatible with each paper:

  • 〇: Compatible
  • ▲: Between 〇 and X
  • X: Not compatible

Each notepad is gluebound at the top and contains 25 pages. This set includes the following papers in the following sizes:

  • B7 (3.5” × 4.9”) Glassine: A smooth, glossy paper that is air, water, and grease resistant. Translucent and useful for a variety of artistic techniques, such as interleaving paper in bookbinding, protecting and storing paintings and drawings, and protecting gilding when burnishing gold or other metal leaf.
  • A6 (4.1” x 5.8”) Tracing Paper: A translucent paper that is made by processing finely beaten chemical pulp. As the name indicates it is used for tracing drawings, but is also used in lighting fixtures.
  • B6 (4.9” × 6.9”) Kinshachi: In Japan, jumpaku-roll paper is most commonly used as wrapping paper. It is also used in 365 day calendars and small gift bags. It has a glossy surface and a scratchy back.