Midori Seasonal Winter Magnolia Pink Message Letter Pad

$ 7.60 $ 9.50

The art of letter writing knows no seasons

The "Kami Series" is a series of letter pads, envelopes and other paper products
that express the four seasons of Japan on beautiful, textured Japanese Washi paper.
Winter flowers are designed in a bold composition on Japanese paper with a thousand-year tradition. Iyo Washi, a textured paper with a unique brush texture, is used, and magnolias with graceful pink petals are given added luster by silver silk printing.

This letter pad contains 8 sheets in two design, ideal for special occasions like the beginning of the year and late fall.

  • Size 177 mm x 168 mm x 4 mm
  • Printed on Washi paper
  • 2 Design on 8 sheets
  • Made in Japan
Matching envelopes sold separately here.