Midori Seasonal Winter Camellia Sasanqua Letter Pad

$ 8.80 $ 11.00

The art of letter writing knows no seasons


The "Kami Series" is a series of letter pads, envelopes and other paper products that express the four seasons of Japan on beautiful, textured Japanese Washi paper. Winter flowers are designed in a bold composition on Japanese paper with a thousand-year tradition. Echizen Torinoko, an Echizen Japanese paper with a gentle texture, is used to create an assortment of four different colors of camellia sasanqua blooming sasanquas.

There are 4 sheets for each pattern, 16 sheets in total, so you can choose the design according to the recipient. Please use it for various news such as the beginning of the year and late fall.

  • Pad size 6.9" x 6.6" | 177 mm x 168 mm
  • 16 sheets paper, 4 designs
  • Made in Japan
Matching envelopes sold separately here.