Traveler's Notebook Passport Size Limited Set - Train

$ 104.00
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Take an Imaginary Trip With Traveler's TRAIN

It will take some more time before we can travel around the world freely and safely. But you can always use your imagination. That's why TRC has designed this special edition collection.

The limited-edition sets are based on the theme of the imaginary Traveler's Hotel, Traveler's Airline, Traveler's Train, and Traveler's Record. You can enjoy the journey in your heart with Traveler's Notebook in your hands.

The Traveler's TRAIN set has the theme of an imaginary train dreamed up by TRAVELER’S COMPANY. The set includes a special edition Traveler's Notebook in black, with a gold foil embossed design and custom notebook insert. Also in the box is a charm to attach to the elastic of the notebook, 2 rubber stamps, stickers, brochures, and a cotton bag that can be used as a storage case for the Traveler's notebook.

With TRAVELER’S notebook and your imagination, you can travel anywhere at any time. Enjoy the journey of your heart with TRAVELER’S RECORD.

  • Cotton Bag with Traveler's Train logo
  • Leather Traveler's Notebook, black, passport size (5.3" x 3.8" | 134 mm x 98 mm)
  • Notebook Refill, BLANK MD Paper is saddle stitched, with a letterpress cover
  • Brass train charm to attach to your notebook
  • Leaflet
  • Four stickers
  • Two rubber stamps
  • Paper box package
  • Components made in Japan, Thailand, China

TRAVELER’S TRAIN departs from TRAVELER’S STATION at irregular intervals. There are several routes, but there is no timetable, so no one knows when or where they are leaving for. The long-distance sleeper night train is pulled by steam locomotives, so the speed is much slower, and you have to spend many nights on the train before you reach your destination. However, if you go to the dining car, you can enjoy simple but delicious food prepared with care. In the old but strangely comfortable train car, you can read a book, listen to music, write something in a notebook, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. The scenery from the train window seems to be the same every day, or a completely different place from yesterday. Sometimes it seems that the train leaves the tracks and runs across the ocean or through the galaxy.

Ladies and gentlemen, please come aboard. TRAVELER’S TRAIN will be departing soon. The destination is a future that no one knows. If it’s a future you want, write it down on your stamped ticket. We can’t guarantee it, but maybe one day you’ll get there.