Traveler's Notebook Limited Set - Hotel

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Take an Imaginary Trip With Traveler's HOTEL

It will take some more time before we can travel around the world freely and safely. But you can always use your imagination. That's why TRC has designed this special edition collection.

The limited-edition sets are based on the theme of the imaginary Traveler's Hotel, Traveler's Airline, Traveler's Train, and Traveler's Record. You can enjoy the journey in your heart with Traveler's Notebook in your hands.

The Traveler's HOTEL set has the theme of an imaginary hotel dreamed up by TRAVELER’S COMPANY. The set includes a special edition Traveler's Notebook in brown, with a gold foil embossed design and custom notebook insert. Also in the box are an a set of charms to attach to the elastic of the notebook, a custom pencil, stickers, brochures, and a cotton bag that can be used as a storage case for the Traveler's notebook.

With TRAVELER’S notebook and your imagination, you can travel anywhere at any time. Enjoy the journey of your heart with TRAVELER’S HOTEL.

  • Cotton Bag with Traveler's Hotel logo
  • Leather Traveler's Notebook, navy, regular size (8.6" x 4.7" | 220 mm x 120 mm)
  • Notebook Refill, BLANK MD Paper is saddle stitched, with a letterpress cover
  • Brass airplane charm and mini key charm
  • Leaflet
  • Stickers
  • Custom pencil with eraser
  • Paper box package
  • Components made in Japan, Thailand, China

If you are tired of your daily routine and want to travel somewhere far away, please come to the Travelers Hotel. Our hotel is located in various parts of the world, such as on a cliff overlooking the sea, on a back street in the city, on the shore of a lake in the depths of the forest, but all of them are difficult to understand, so you may get lost on the way. Still, if you listen, squint, and follow the path you believe in, the Travelers Hotel will surely appear.

When you arrive at the hotel, we will welcome you with a fragrant coffee. A skilled concierge plays the piano in the lobby. If you have a request, please ask. There is no song he can't play. Even your whimsical humming will be accompanied by a light tune. In addition to the bed, the room is furnished with a vintage desk and a leather sofa and should be comfortable to use. There are leather notebooks and pencils on the desk, so feel free to use them. There is no TV, no internet, and no mobile phone here. We recommended that you slowly face yourself and write down in your notebook the words and images from your subconscious.

Well then, we look forward to welcoming you.