Super Lightweight Paper Refill TRAVELER'S Notebook - Regular Size

$ 8.99
SKU: JP-4902805144315*

Designed to fit your REGULAR size Traveler's Notebook Cover, the super lightweight paper refill is fascinatingly thin and light.

The paper is ever thinner and lighter than the Lightweight paper refill. The paper does not allow for oil to penetrate easily, so it is hard to smear when using a fountain pen. The letter on the back of the page will show through because the paper is so thin, which adds a unique look to the enticingly crisp paper. 

Traveler's Notebooks are an indispensable travel companion, and the super lightweight refill is an interesting addition to your notebook.

  • REGULAR size 8.3" x 4.3" | 210 mm x 110 mm
  • 128 pages
  • BLANK oil-proof paper
  • Saddle stitched (stapled along the spine)
  • Fountain pen friendly
  • Made in Japan
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