Tinne + Mia

Follow your dreams, they know the way The one-liner they started with in 2012, still inspires today. Tinne+Mia enjoy the little things. They never stop dreaming. Are a graphic designer, product designer and stylist in one. Have a weakness for paper, fabrics, graphic prints and outstanding typography. They don’t just design dessins, but tell you fascinating stories in tangible form. Tinne+Mia let you smile because life is more beautiful with original ‘feel goods’

23 results
Etui Large Pencil Pouch-Tinne+Mia
Etui Small Pencil Pouch-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia Travel Journal - Old Pink-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia Travel Journal - Lilac-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia Refillable Journal with Button - Cloud Blue-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia Refillable Journal with Button - Rose Dawn-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia Refillable Journal with Button - Moss Agate-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia A5 Luxe Notebook - Chocolate-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia A5 Luxe Notebook - Pale Rose-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia A6 Luxe Notebook - Rose Dust-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia A6 Luxe Notebook - Fluorite-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia A6 Luxe Notebook - Forest Green-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia A4 Luxe Notebook - Indigo-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia Note Booklet A6 - Total Eclipse-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia Note Booklet A6 - Cloud Dancer-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia Note Booklet A6 - Gridded Burgundy-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia Note Booklet A6 - Faded Lemon-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia Note Booklet A6 - Cinnamon Nights-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia Medium Notebooks Set of 2 - Umbel & Yellow Berry-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia Weekly Desk Planner-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia Bullet Journal - Beluga-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia 12x20 Refill Notebook-Tinne+Mia
Tinne+Mia To Do List Pad-Tinne+Mia