Traveler's Notebook Passport Size Limited Set - Record

$ 104.00
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Take an Imaginary Trip With Traveler's RECORD

It will take some more time before we can travel around the world freely and safely. But you can always use your imagination. That's why TRC has designed this special edition collection.

The limited-edition sets are based on the theme of the imaginary Traveler's Hotel, Traveler's Airline, Traveler's Train, and Traveler's Record. You can enjoy the journey in your heart with Traveler's Notebook in your hands.

The Traveler's RECORD set has the theme of an imaginary record label dreamed up by TRAVELER’S COMPANY. The set includes a special edition Traveler's Notebook in camel, with an embossed design and custom notebook insert. Also in the box is a charm to attach to the elastic of the notebook, two rubber stamps, stickers, brochures, and a cotton bag that can be used as a storage case for the Traveler's notebook.

With TRAVELER’S notebook and your imagination, you can travel anywhere at any time. Enjoy the journey of your heart with TRAVELER’S RECORD.

  • Cotton Bag with Traveler's Record logo
  • Leather Traveler's Notebook, camel, passport size (5.3" x 3.8" | 134 mm x 98 mm)
  • Notebook Refill, BLANK MD Paper is saddle stitched, with a letterpress printed cover
  • Brass record charm that spins
  • Leaflet
  • Four stickers
  • Two rubber stamps
  • Paper box package
  • Components made in Japan, Thailand, China

Music surrounds everyday life and unites the hearts of those who are there. When you are struck by loneliness, musiuc will be like a close friend and will save you. Traveler's Records is an indie record label that conveys the wonders of such music while traveling around the world like a caravan corps. The soul of the musician and the feelings of the listener reside in the physical object by analog. Digital distribution will not be accepted and it will be released only on records and cassette tapes. Records and cassette tapes will create scratch noise and change to a lo-fi sound, and the more you listen, the more you will be immersed, and the more you listen, the more you will prefer the original sound. It is a lot like a leather notebook. Why not add the music of Travelers Records to your daily life?