012 Sticky Notes TRAVELER'S Notebook - Passport Size

$ 7.99
SKU: JP-231433

Designed to fit your PASSPORT size Traveler's Notebook Cover, the 012 Sticky Notes Insert is a handy way to make sure you always have a note when you need one.

The insert includes 5 sizes, so there's a perfect one for every need, from indexing to note taking. The notes are organized on a polypropylene folder that slides under one of he elastics in your Traveler's Notebook.

  • PASSPORT size 4.8" x 3.5" | 124 mm x 87 mm
  • Five stacks of sticky notes, 30 sheets each = 150 notes total
  • Comfortable yellow color with original designs
  • Polypropylene carrier package
  • Made in Japan
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