Kokuyo Soft Ring Notebook

$ 8.50
SKU: KK-4901480326290

Kokuyo Soft Ring notebooks are spiral/ring bound notebooks with soft plastic rings instead of metal wires. The rings are smooth, solid, squishy plastic that squeezes to fit along with other books. They spring right back into shape and are soft against your arm or hand.

The paper was designed by watching students at Tokyo Daigaku (Tokyo University, or Todai) doing their college work and designing a notebook around what they needed.

Pink, Green, Blue, Black, Orange, and Light Blue have DOTTED LINES. Silver has 5mm GRID pages, and White has BLANK pages.

  • 80 sheets
  • B5 size measures 7" x 10" | 252 mm x 179 mm
  • Soft, silky paper made from FSC certified pulp
  • Perforated sheets for easy removal
  • Flexible plastic cover, cardboard backing
  • Made in Japan