Jibun Techo DAYS Daily Planner 2024

$ 60.00

Kokuyo Jibun Techo DAYS is a 2024 daily planner and comes as a set of two notebooks to keep the planner slim and easy to carry during the year. One book covers January through June and one covers July through December. At the end of June, simply remove the first book from the cover and swap in the second book.

DAYS is the only daily planner in the Jibun Techo lineup. With a unique and versatile format, the DAYS offers an easy, fun way to plan and record your days.

The daily view features a T-Shaped 24-hour timeline that runs through the center of each daily page. At its horizontal bar is an indication of the weeks before and after, making it easy to see where you are in time.

Along either side of the timeline is enough space to write tasks, combine family and work schedules, or add photos and journal entries. This spacious and open format lets you fully personalize its content.

Additionally, the diary contains two-page monthly spreads with an integrated habit tracker. These spreads give you an overview of your monthly schedule, while keeping track of your habits and intentions. The empty section at the very bottom can be used to log process management, among other things.

The soft cover features a variety of pockets for holding cards, tickets, and other small papers. It also includes a pen loop. Each book is made with 52 gsm Kokuyo Thin Paper.