Kaweco BRASS Sport Rollerball Pen

$ 85.00
SKU: KO-1000921

The Kaweco BRASS Sport develops a natural, individual patina as you use it

The beauty of this Kaweco rollerball pen is the way the pen closes to be a compact palm-size, and when the cap is removed and posted on the end, it expands to a full size pen. In a pocket or purse, this sturdy writing instrument can go everywhere with you. And it feels great to write with!

Over time, the brass develops a natural and individual patina. The high weight of the model already presses the writing instrument by itself on the paper. This allows longer writing. The rollerball pen makes writing extremely easy with exceptionally soft writing.

  • Refill with G2 rollerball gel ink in black or blue
  • Length open 13 cm
  • Length closed 10.5 cm